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Bhaiyyu Maharaj : Param Pujya Rastra Sant

Bhaiyyu Maharaj : Param Pujya Rastra Sant

Yuva Rastra Saint Shri Sadguru Bhaiyyuji Maharaj is a spiritual leader, social reformer and motivator, whose sole aim is to bring happiness on the faces of countless poor and downtrodden people, lift them from morass of despair, poverty, social inequality and enable them to live a life of dignity. He is an enlightened saint who has made his life’s purpose to serve humanity, to provide untiring, selfless service for national development and to guide people rightly onto the path of spiritual enhancement so as to create an infinite source of happiness and bliss within the society.

He affirms that by combining the philosophical principles of Knowledge (Gyan), Meditation (Dyan), Devotion (Bhakti) and Yoga, People can awaken their soul and attain self-realization. Shri Sadguru Bhiyyuji Maharaj’s ideology is to develop human beings spiritually, morally, mentally, and physically for the betterment of the nation.

Shri Sadguru has highly revolutionary visions and gives equal importance to modern technologies, science as well as spirituality. He feels that merely talking about religion would serve no purpose unless and until we free the society from various ills and maladies. With this concept at the core of all his activities and projects, he has devoted himself to the cause of development of the nation through enrichment of human’s skills, education and the environment.

His mission is "To awaken the solitude within mankind and motivate them to contribute and give back to the society".

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