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Federation of Retailer Association express concern over introduction

The Federation of Retailer Association of India (FRAI), the representative body of four crore micro, small and medium retailers from across the country, with 34 retail associations from North, South, East and West, on Sunday expressed concern over the restrictions suggested on right to choose product to sell and proposed controls on in-shop advertising. 

Addressing a press conference here, Haji Saifuddin, member of FRAIand president of Aurangabad Zillah Pan Shopkeeper's Association,said that introduction of trade or product restrictions on outlets selling multiple products of everyday use such as bread, eggs,juices, soft drinks, wafers, etc, along with tobacco products, wasagainst free trade and commerce and it will only increase cost of doing business as rent-seeking by inspectors would return, he said.

He appealed Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to investigate foreignfunded NGOs who allegedly continue to pressurise the government withmisinformation on issuing guidelines. "Foreign funded NGOs are pressurizing government to frame rules that are against principles of free trade and commerce and hence, unconstitutional," Mr Saifuddin claimed.

Impact of such rules will bolster smuggled and illicit trade and impact earnings of retailers selling legitimate products, he also claimed. Over 10 lakh retailers would lose substantial income and suffer harassment in Maharashtra, he said. Over 1,000 retailers had gathered to plead the state government to protect their interests, he added.

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