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Monsoon hits Marathwada; farmers relieved

Monsoon hits Marathwada; farmers relieved

Monsoon rains lashed Marathwada on Saturday bringing relief to farmers from the searing heat in the region. The heavy showers hit Nanded and Hingoli districts, recording 5.22 mm average rainfall during past 24 hours, the Divisional Commissioner official sources said here, adding that till Saturday 196 mm average rainfall was recorded in eight districts which is 103 per cent of expected rainfall and 25 per cent of annual rainfall.

"If the situation continues, all the standing soft saplings of cotton, maize, tur, corn, soyabean, moong and uudad that were sown by farmers in the region will be affected", the sources added.

Since June 1, Nanded recorded 293 mm, Latur 254 mm, Hingoli 271 mm, Osmanabad 192 mm, Parbhani 185 mm, Beed 138 mm, Aurangabad 118 and Jalna 117 mm. however, Aurangabad, Jalna, Beed and Parbhani did not receive any rainfall for the past many days.

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