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Reliance Jio GigaFiber Registration Process

Reliance Jio GigaFiber Registration Process 

Reliance Jio GigaFiber Registration Process Explained

The FTTH service of Reliance Jio initially will work on a first-come-first-serve basis. The locations from where the company will receive the maximum number of registrations, it will service those locations in the first phase.

Step 1. Registration

Firstly you need to register yourself as an individual for a Jio GigaFiber connection. The registration has to be completed on MyJio app or the Jio official website.

Step 2. Confirmation

Reliance Jio will confirm your registration. After your registration is confirmed, the company will start counting from where it has received the highest number of registrations.

Step 3. Installation

After confirming the locations it will service in the first phase, the company will install GigaFiber connection at your location and will provide you with a Jio GigaFiber modem and Jio GigaTV.

Step 4. Roll Out

After the installation process is over, the company will roll out its high-speed broadband internet to your place. You can access superfast internet upto 1Gbps download speeds.

Reliance Jio GigaFiber – FAQ

All your queries and questions regarding Reliance Jio GigaFiber registration and connection are covered here.

When Will Reliance Jio GigaFiber Start?

The Reliance Jio GigaFiber registration will start on August 15. You have to manually register yourself for a Reliance Jio GigaFiber connection.

Where You Need To Register?

For a Reliance Jio GigaFiber connection, you need to register either on MyJio app or Reliance Jio official website.

What Will You Get With Reliance Jio GigaFiber Connection?

The Reliance Jio GigaFiber connection will primarily come with a Jio GigaFiber modem and Jio GigaTV. To know more about Reliance Jio GigaFiber package, click here.

What is Jio GigaTV?

Jio GigaTV is a set-top box provided with the Reliance Jio GigaFiber connection. The STB can be connected to your TV for HD Video calling across India with high-definition entertainment and streaming.

Is Jio GigaTV a DTH service?

The Reliance Jio GigaFiber connection will come with a modem and Jio GigaTV STB. Though Jio still haven’t confirmed whether it will telecast TV channels or not, but we expect that they will soon telecast TV channels via Jio GigaTV set-top box.

Where Reliance Jio GigaFiber Will Be Available?

According to the company, Reliance Jio GigaFiber will be available across 1,100 cities in the country. The service will be rolled out in phases across India in the next one or more years.

What Are The Reliance Jio GigaFiber Plans?

The company hasn’t launched any plan as of yet, but we have compiled the different plans according to the rumors making rounds on the internet. Here is the full list of Reliance Jio GigaFiber plans.

What Are The Download Speeds On Jio GigaFiber?

The company already has been testing its FTTH service for the last 2 years. As per the reports, the Jio GigaFiber service has consistently provided upto 700 Mbps speeds on an average in the last two years.

What Are The Reliance Jio GigaFiber Registration Charges?

The Reliance Jio GigaFiber Broadband connection will be free, but it may include some installation charges. The charges will be refundable if you choose to opt out of the service.

So How Will Reliance Jio Service My Location?

The company will send a team who will get to your location to set up your Reliance Jio GigaFiber broadband connection. The company will provide you a given date and other necessary details.

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