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New Parental Control Feature on Youtube Kids

Parents are becoming increasingly aware about inappropriate content slipping through Youtube Kids. Hence, the new parental control feature will help solve that problem. Youtube Kids is free app that has content that is appropriate for children. The app can be downloaded from play store or the apple store.

Youtube kids is divided into 5 sections :
  1. Recommended : shows recommended by Youtube Kids
  2. Show : current trending shows
  3. Music 
  4. Learning : educational programs
  5. Explore
Parental Control Feature on Youtube Kids:

Parent Approved content

This feature enables you to choose every single video that your child is allowed to watch. Using this mode your child will not be allowed to search for any content on their own.

How to switch on this feature :

1) Go to settings.

2) Go to the child’s profile.

3) Choose “approved content only.” Start selecting the videos and channels for your child.

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