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Travel Tips worth remembering before you travel to India

Travel Tips worth remembering before you travel to India

If you spend a moment just taking about travelling to India, there are a bunch of reasons which come out completely to vote for India. First, the culture with deep pockets, the hospitality India is always in the limelight for, the scrumptious food, historical monuments, beaches, adventure and so on. Anyways, today we will be laying our eyes on the tips to remember while you are backpacking India for the first time. Let us help you travel with excitement and safety. Off you go!

Entry requirements

You will be going through the standard requirements and procedures if you want to travel to India. You will be needing a visa, for that you can apply online. And if you are a backpackers wanting a tour to India, apply online for an e-tourist visa through the Indian government’s official online portal. Also check out any special conditions that may exist for your country with the Indian embassy in your home country. Visa extension is not allowed in India except for serious emergency cases such as on medical grounds. Once you have gone through all the procedures, you are ready to go-on. Off you go!

Before you set off, give all the entry requirements a once over with a fine tooth comb so that you face no problem throughout your stay.

Staying healthy

Having said that, Indian food is amazing and if you come back without enjoying it, whole of your tour would be going futile. Street food is something that you shouldn’t miss out on. Be that as it may, check out the food you are eating is freshly cooked. Secondly, never drink tap water or water from open sources and food which is open to dirt. With that, cover your body parts especially in the evening and night so that you don’t get any mosquitos on you. Otherwise, you will be seeing doctor.

Added to that, have yourself vaccinated against common viral diseases like yellow fever and malaria and speak to your doctor. Also, ask your doctor if you need any other medications. Remember, there’re chances you get Delhi-belly. For this case, don’t get alarmed, keep calm and enjoy.

Have Travel insurance before leaving

Mother Nature is capricious and no one can guess her mood. Can you leave insurance out of this? No absolutely not. Still and all, isn’t fruitful to get everything set in advance for the emergencies and accidents? Absolutely, it is. Get travel insurance from your own country that covers health issues, accident, travel delays, damaged or lost luggage, cancellation and other possible contingencies. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Prepare yourself for plenty of questions and staring

What you are expecting from a country of 1.35 billion people. Most of the Indians are really friendly and loving that’s why they ask a lot of questions like what’s your name and where are you heading to? But that’s their way of showing affection. And people in India do stare, well the truth hurts. So, dressing modestly and covering your body parts will be a great idea. Always wear a scarf over your head and neck and look like locals so that you will be enjoying an exciting trip. Straight after that, avoid wearing miniskirts in case you are a female backpacker. With the help of this, you will be having a stunning tour.

Accommodation in India

Accommodation is the first and foremost thing to watch out if you are backpacking India. There are a lot of budget hotels in all the cities to accommodate you. Be that as it may, we recommend backpacking hostels if you are gregarious and wanting a bunch of people around you. These days, most of the travellers go for backpacking hostels as you can meet people from different geographical areas and the price you have to pay is reasonable. For this case, book online accommodation prior to your arrival there.

Packing your travel bag

You might have heard the Spanish proverb “On a long journey even a straw weighs heavy”. On that account, don’t over pack. Keep the things necessary on you and arrange the things according to their usage. Don’t forget to take your camera with you in order to save your memories. With that, pack your headphones as traffic horns and noise can get whopping great. And if you have excess luggage on you, go for a well reputed cargo company from UK to India, this avoids paying extortion prices.

Bargain while shopping around

Well, we recommend do bargain while shopping especially from street stalls. In order to make extra money, the shopkeepers can charge you even double if they found you a foreigner. It’s really productive to ask about the approximate cost from locals before purchasing anything. Always ask the cost you have to pay before hiring a taxi or rickshaw so that you can save yourself quite a lot.

Be aware of frauds and touts

Stay alert while walking down the streets and in public transport places. Don’t throw a huge amount of money to beggars and keep your eyes open while talking to people. Don’t walk on the streets in night especially when you are alone as the scammers and frauds chase their pray immediately. Keep only a necessary amount of cash on you and keep all your documents safe.

Backpacking India offers benefits no one can shake a stick at. We want you to enjoy your tour with safety and ease. We are pinning our hopes on these tips will win you a tremendous visit to India. Stay tuned for more updates like this. Have fun!

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