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Farmers to march on parliament on Nov 29

Farmers to march on parliament on Nov 29

Farmers from across the country, organized under various banners, will unitedly march on parliament at Delhi on November 29 and 30 to press for their various demands in view of government's inaction to solve their problems, joint secretary of All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA)Devidas Tuljapurkar said on Sunday. Calling suicides by distressed farmers as the worst catastrophe of this century, he claimed that lakhs of farmers have so far committed suicide across the country in the past 25 years.

The successive governments have failed to address this pressing issue, he alleged in a press note issued here. Mr Tuljapurkar, who is also general secretary of Maharashtra StateBank Employees Federation (MSBEF), stated that much has been said on debt relief or common minimum prices (CMP) for farmers but it has still failed to arrest their suicides, he opined. Implementation of the Swaminathan Commission report could be one of the ways to address the issue, he informed and wondered why does not government call a special joint session of both Lok Sabha and RajyaSabha to discuss all issues related to farmers and devise a roadmap to address their issues? In order to support farmers, this initiative (March), called 'Nation for Farmers', will be taken out, in which elected representatives of political parties, members of social action groups, NGOs, trade unions, scientists, professors, teachers, illumeneries from literary and cultural fields, lawyers, doctors, engineers, and journalists are likely to participate, he said.

"'Nation for Farmers' is a patriotic struggle. Let us be a part of it," he said and appealed to each and every section of the society to stand by farmers and persuade the government to address issues of the farming community. If it is not possible to join the march in Delhi, then such a match can be organized at the local level, in one's own city or village, to support the cause, Mr. Tuljapurkar added.

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