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Aggrieved husbands march on International Men's Day

Aggrieved husbands march on International Men's Day

On International Men's Day, the members of a group namely, "Patni Pidit Purush Ashram" (Wife Afflicted Husband Refuge) marched from Kranthi chowk to Divisional Commissioner Office (DCO) here on Monday. The march was carried out by husbands who claim themselves to be oppressed and distressed by their nitpicking wives.The members of the group wore saint's robe and demonstrated in front of DCO to frame rules and regulations which considers the unfortunate chronicles of the aggrieved husbands.

The primary demands of the group includes addition of husband-centric provision in domestic violence law, establishment of men commission, setting up of "man grievance center" in each district headquarter, keeping a check on harassment to husbands accused in domestic violence cases, relaxation of penal provisions indomestic cases, installation of lie detectors in every police station so as to avoid misuse of law in cases registered out of prejudice against husbands.

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