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Indian economic expert presents research papers in London

Indian economic expert presents research papers in London

Economic expert and social worker Dr D S Kate presented his research work 'A study on the utility and history of donkeys' in an international conference held at London recently. The conference themed 'Managing the affairs of an Individual or the State changing Social, Economic and Political Environment' witnessed participation from eminent personalities from all over the world. 

Talking to UNI here on Tuesday, Dr Kate said, "Every jenny(a term for a female donkey) provides milk up to 0.5 litre to 1.30 litre daily. Milk products manufactured from jenny's milk have a high demand in the international market. Hence, donkey farming fetches handsome returns to farmers."Dr Kate, who has received multiple awards for his outstanding works in economic and social sector, claims that the milk of jenny has high medicinal value and underlines the need to promote donkey farming.

"In India, the milk of jenny costs Rs 50 per 15 ml whereas in European markets, one has to shell out a minimum of 1000 euros(1 euro=approx Rs 82) to produce one kg of cottage cheese from twenty-five litre of jenny's milk,"stated Dr Kate. The study carried out by Dr Kate which espouses on the global history of donkeys dating back to decades was first published in a house journal before being read out in the London conference. "We must register a patent for by-products made from jenny's milk. The Centre is investing crores of rupees so as to boost donkey farming in the country," added Dr Kate.

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