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LG introduces 'PuriCare' in India

LG Electronics India Private Limited on Tuesday introduced 'PuriCare', a range of water purifiers at LG Office here. In a press conference held here on Tuesday, LG Divisional Branch Manager Vivek Kumar said," LG's 'PuriCare' is equipped with innovative hygiene-enhancing features like Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank and Digital Sterilizing Care that ultimately yields safe and clean drinking water."He further said,"The newly introduced water purifier works in five stages which includes RO Filtration,Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank,Digital Sterilizing Care,Ever fresh UV plus,and Smart Display.

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"'PuriCare' is available in seven variants and costs between Rs 18,000 to Rs 45,000.The water purifier is being sold with the offer of one year complementary maintance worth Rs 4,200. 
"LG water purifier has unique stainless steel storage which ensures that water remains safe by reducing the growth of bacteria and algae,"added Mr Kumar.

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