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Archeological dept investigates 9 landmarks for rebuilding

A group of the state archeological division on Tuesday began the investigation of nine landmarks ensured under the state landmark list to undertake fixes. The nine landmarks incorporate three notable entryways, three mosques, a sanctuary and two other memorable structures. 

Reacting to the mandates of the high court over the insurance, rebuilding and beautification of these landmarks, the group headed by a director, and involving draftsmen, architects and experts started the investigation. In a reaction to a PIL documented, the high court has requested that the state government put aside assets for the advancement of these landmarks. It is required for the administration to set up a report, in light of which the spending distribution will be finished. 

Ajit Khandare, the administrator of the state archeological office said that following the assessment, a proposition will be arranged and will be sent to the state government. "In light of the proposition, the state government will designate assets and after that the works will be embraced. We intend to take up common fix works, light, beautification works and assurance fills in as required," said Khandare. 

Makai Gate, Badhkal Gate, Dilli Gate, Laal Masjid, Chowk Masjid, Shahgunj Masjid, Soneri Mahal, Lala Hardol Samadhi before Soneri Mahal and Khandoba Mandir in Satara Parisar will be secured under the undertaking, as per Khandare. 

The group finished the review of three landmarks on Tuesday. Audit of the state of alternate structures will be done throughout the following couple of days. Khandare said that a proposition on the works required for these landmarks will be sent to the state government in 15 days. "The state of the noteworthy landmarks in the city have been entirely hopeless with practically zero support, infringements and regular and man-made harms. The proposition is huge for the advancement of the travel industry estimation of the city," he said.

The proposition will incorporate evacuating the past concrete that had been utilized amid the brief fix and supplanting it with great quality material, raising greenery, brightening, setting up of data sheets and seats for guests. Towards the security of the structures, the report of the group is additionally expected to propose the setting up of CCTV cameras in and around the locales, with the goal that they can be midway checked.  A spending portion for the normal yearly fix and upkeep of landmarks is additionally on the cards.

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