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Mahavitaran Services now at your Fingertips Download App Now

The Official App for Consumer by Mahavitaran ( M.S.E.D.C.L.). Mahavitaran Consumer App enables consumers to avail Mahavitaran services at his/her fingertips. The app is simple and easy to use. It provides transparency in delivering services to consumers. Now pay your light bill online via Mahavitran Mobile App it very easy to use and user-friendly.

Mahavitran App Features

  1. View and Pay bill
  2. Register and Track complaints
  3. View Bill and Payment history
  4. Manage Multiple Electricity Connections
  5. Contact 24 x7 MSEDCL Call Center
  6. Apply for New Connection
  7. Track New Connection request
  8. Submit Meter Reading to avoid average billing
  9. Provide Feedback about Mahavitaran Services
  10. Update Contact Details ( Mobile Number & E-mail ID ) and Aadharcard number
  11. Find MSEDCL offices and collection centers near you
  12. Estimate your monthly electricity consumption and bill amount
  13. Get Information about the Feeder from where power supply is provided to your connection
  14. Apply for change of name
  15. Submit an application for addition/reduction in load
Download the MSEDCL mobile app from Google Play Store/ App Store/ Windows Store

Functionalities available in Mobile App

Apply for a new connection
Apply for New Electricity Connection in just 4 steps.

Track New Connection Request :
Status of New Connection application can be tracked using the unique Application Id.

Submit Reading: Submit own meter reading along with meter photo to avoid average billing, after receipt of SMS from Mahavitaran. Mahavitaran will send SMS if the meter reading is not made available by a meter reader.

Feedback: Submit ratings of Mahavitaran services in the scale of 1 to 5, where 5 means Outstanding and 1 means poor service.

View/Pay Bill: View and Pay Electricity Bills using different payment options like

a. Net banking

b. Debit Card

c. Credit Card

d. Cash Cards

e. Mobile Wallets

Update Contact details: Update Mobile Number and E-Mail ID of the consumer.

Register & Track Complaint: Register & Track Power Failure and Billing Complaints etc.

History: View Electricity Bill history and Payments history.

Add & Remove connection: Manage multiple electricity connections from a registered account.

Customer Care : Call 24*7 MSEDCL Call Center

Nearest Locations: Find MSEDCL offices and collection centers near you

Estimate consumption and bill amount: Estimate consumption in KWH by providing details about the usage of appliances. Also, know the approx. monthly bill amount for that estimate.

Get Information about the Feeder: Feeder is a line which transfers power to the consumer through a transformer. Know technical details about this feeder and outages planned in the future, if any.

Report Power Theft: Inform any suspected electricity theft activity in your area.

Apply for change of name: Submit an application for changing the registered name of the electricity connection.

Add/Reduce Load: Submit an application for increasing/decreasing the load of electricity connection.

For using Mahavitaran Mobile App, all you need :

• A smartphone with Android Operating System (OS 4.0 or above).{ For Android Version}

• Apple Smartphone with iOS Operating System (version 8.0 or above).{ For iOS Version }

• Internet connectivity like GPRS/EDGE/3G/Wi-Fi/4G etc.

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