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SHERP Ultimate ATV AWD Off Road Vehicle

SHERP Ultimate ATV AWD Off-Road Vehicle

The Sherp doesn’t need a track or a specified path it can make its own, be it through a swamp or the heart of a brush field or deadfall laden forest floors made worse with humpbacks and even water, yes it can literally swim in water. Most of its capabilities can be attributed to those massive tyres which leave very little space between the two axles for humpbacks and provide enough clearance and traction to tackle any terrain. And those ridges on the tyres act as paddles to navigate through deep waters. In addition the tyres are fitted with a tyre inflation system to help the vehicle adjust to the demands of any terrain. Oh and the ground clearance is a massive two feet. But don’t worry, getting into the vehicle isn’t too difficult as the front gate opens downwards and doubles up as a side rather a front step for easier ingress. The vehicle in itself is rather small measuring just 3,400mm in length, 2,520mm in width and standing 2,300mm high.

And if you think this rugged go anywhere monster has a monstrous engine, you would be wrong. In fact it employs a 1.5-litre 4-cylinder turbo-diesel making a measly 45PS but thanks to the lightweight engine the Sherp weighs just 1,300kg. Also it can do 45kmph on land where as in water the speed is limited to 6kmph. The engine comes with a 5-speed manual transmission and also comes with skid steering where two wheels on one side can be driven independently of the wheels on the opposite side to facilitate steering in low traction conditions.

The Sherp ATV is available in the US for about Rs 43.0 lakh for the base soft top variant and options include an onboard generator and a 50-litre tank. In addition it can seat four and comes with two seatbelts as standard. Boy, do we want one. 

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