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WhatsApp Pay is ready to launch in India

WhatsApp Pay: Introduction
WhatsApp Pay is a UPI-based payments service which launched in India last February in beta mode. WhatsApp users can link their UPI-enabled bank accounts and transfer money through the messaging app. WhatsApp supports all popular banks like HDFC, ICICI, State Bank of India, Axis Bank and even Airtel Payments Bank.

WhatsApp Pay: How to enable
WhatsApp Pay isn’t available for all users in India. WhatsApp beta users will most likely have the feature on their app. To start using the service, a WhatsApp Pay user needs to initiate a payment to a contact. Once the request is received, the user can set up their UPI account on WhatsApp. Users can then send and receive money on WhatsApp itself.

WhatsApp Pay: How to use
WhatsApp Pay is as simple as sending photos and videos on the app. Users can send money directly through chat by tapping on the share file icon in the chat bar and selecting ‘payment’. There’s a dedicated ‘Payments’ section available under the shortcut menu. Users can check their transactions, history and account details here.

WhatsApp Pay: Modes of transaction
During the initial phase, WhatsApp Pay allowed users to send money only to their contacts after which it enabled UPI ID. WhatsApp Pay users could enter the UPI ID and send money. Later in March WhatsApp introduced QR code for its payments service. Each WhatsApp Pay user has a unique QR code which users can scan and send money.

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