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Lokuttara Mahavihara Near Aurangabad, vihar in india

Venerable Bodhipalo Mahathero is one of the most respected and very well read monk, in THEREVADA Buddhism, in India. He was Born in 1955, Maharashtra State, India. He has completed B.Sc. (Physics) from Marathwada University, Aurangabad. At the very young age he was devoted to Dhamma and after his graduation, he went to Thailand for further studies in Buddhism, in 1979. Venerable’s “Monk Higher Ordination” took place in Thailand in the Year 1980, under portronage of Mahachula Luangkorn RajaVidhyalaya University Bangkok, Thailand, by Venerable Phra Bimaladhamma Mahathera, Wat Mahadhataw ,Tha Phrachan, Bangkok,Thailand. Venerable, learned & practiced Vipassana and other Meditation practises under guidance of Ven. U Asafa Mahathera, International for Vipassana Centre, Ehonburi,Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw, Yangoon-Burma, Ven.Mahasi Tungapula Sayadaw-Burma, Ven. Buddhadasa Bhikkhu-Suanmokha, Ven. Achan Chamnieng-Krabhi Province. He also learned Abhidhamma, Nakadhamma, Pali Grammer in Wat, Mahadhatu Bangkok.

Most venerable Bodhipalo Mahathero after completion of his studies and learnings in Buddhism in Thailand for twenty years, came back to India in 2001 to preach and propagate the Dhamma. He selected Aurangabad as his headquarter as this is a city with a lot of ancient Buddhist caves around including Ajanta caves and is a very holy place.

The vihara was built in 2005 from the donations of the various upasakas and major donations came from Mrs. Kuniko Uno from Japan. The main building of vihara is 80 sq feet x 84 sq feet and is very beautifully designed by Mr. Sandeep Kamble, who is a renowned Buddhist Architect. It consists of dome-shaped Stupa and can accommodate at least 100 people for meditation inside the hall. Built by special design, there is no pillar inside the dome. The pillars outside are designed as per the designs in the very famous Ajanta Caves. The pinnacle is as from the Bodhgaya Mahavihara. The statues of Buddha inside Vihara are very beautiful and are from Thailand. Overall it gives a very nice calm and peaceful look to the whole premises with the hill at the back of the vihara.

Lokuttara International Bhikkhu Training Centre was constructed in 2018 and has the residential facility for 100 monks with library, dining, classrooms and AV room. It was mainly built from the donation of Mrs. Rojana Vanich Kamble, Upasika from Thailand and supported by Dr Harshadeep Kamble, a senior bureaucrat from Maharashtra, India. Training of Indian Monks has started here from last year. This year also there were 30 monks during Varshavaas. The Monks from Lokuttara Centre regularly go for Pindpat, (begging alms round) as followed in earlier times in Buddhism. They go to nearby villages and mainly to Auranganabd city, where devout Buddhists can be seen offering food to these Venerables.

Since there is lot of demand for various courses, Most Venerable Bodhipalo Mahathero has now decided to set up full-fledged residential Monks Training Centre, which will be able to accommodate 80-100 monks. This would be a very historical project, as it would be the first such training Centre in India for Indian monks and many senior ven. Monks from Srilanka, Thailand, Burma, India has supported it.

How To Reach Aurangabad
Air : Daily Flights are available from Delhi(Click here) and Mumbai(Click here).
To PES-Milind College: You can avail of taxi services or opt for Cidco bus. Mention Baba Petrol Pump stop for your destination point. From there proceed onwards to PES-Milind College.

To Lokuttara : You can avail of taxi services or opt for Cidco bus. Mention Harsul stop for your destination point. From there proceed onwards to Chauka.

Train : Daily Trains are available from Delhi(Click here), Mumbai(Click here) and Nagpur(Click here).

Bus / Road : You will get many buses from Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, etc.

Lokuttara Mahavihara, Chauka, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.
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