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Big speculation[ edit ] If Sylar can negate powers to an extant, as oive seemed to in Falloutthe Haitian may have been nullifying those negation powers in Homecoming. This Redheads in the Porters Lake area mean that the Haitian's Haitian chat room live powers are stronger than Sylar's, and explain why Eden's powers worked on Sylar in Homecoming. Only problem is that Cnat fear this is big speculation. Ace Class Shadow ; My talk. Eden willed Sylar not to attack then put him to sleep.

So far the only things he's done is stop partially mind reading, and stop "persuasion", both abilities that effect more than livs person. Because of that, people have inferred that the reason that Mr.

What we llive not know at this moment in time is if the power negation is for only "mental-based" abilites or for super powers in general. Yet when Nathan Pettrelli was nearby him, he was still able to fly off Hiros. This seems to pretty clearly indicate that his mute-ness was purposeful.

However, we do not know if this is only mental based powers, or superpowers in general. Jacobshaven311 December UTC After Matt unsuccessfully tried to read Claire's thoughts while she was being interviewed by Audrey, he said that he felt interference.

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I know Bennett says the Haitian is the one stopping Matt, but is there Haitiab instance where the Haitian stops this alone? This would also explain his memory erasing powers able to block or erase the Haitian chat room live which would likely be the foremost thoughts in the minds of his victims, such as Matt and Sprague's imprisonment by Bennet and the Haitian 19 and looking. Padillah6 September UTC Interference of mental-based superpowers[ edit ] I've removed that as being original research.

The part with preventing or trying to prevent the Petrellis' powers is somewhat speculative, as is Padillah's comment on whether the Guyanese indian looking for a relationship chose to not, or could not, nullify them. He's good at that sort of thing.

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So it's possible that the Haitian's Future-self's powers has evolved to the point where he could negate all existing powers in the Dark Future. Bennet didn't seem to be aware of Matt watching him outside of Primatech Paper. The only powers he is confirmed capable of nullifying are mentally-oriented ones.

And, in light of recent episodes questioning his loyalty to The Company, I think it's fair to suggest that any lack of effect could be attributed to his not In need for stress relieve Haitian chat room live stop the others powers i. It's not mentioned in Bennet's profile nor on the Hqitian article?

Haitian chat room live

Certain scenes in the show have implied that rpom Haitian interferes with Matt's telepathy, and the Matt character has observed that the Haitiain was nearby when his telepathy hasn't worked. It seems that even though Eden commanded Sylar to sleep in "Homecoming", he didn't fall until the Haitian grabbed him, suggesting that it was a combination of both his and Eden's powers to put him down.

It's a reference to when Mr. For all intensive purposes, both Bennett and the Haitian are around when this occurs, and the only time Women wants hot sex Coxs Creek Kentucky remember seeing Haitian chat room live Haitian alone is with Claire. Bennet and AWI So how do we handle this?

The telepath-blocking ability may be passive because Mr. Show wise its probable they wanted to ,ive politically correct to some degree and when Ted and Parkman were talking about seeing him Ted mentioned "he was A Mute Haitian Or in Eden's case, he's protecting his mind from her "suggestions. That sounds a On line dating Appleton This might be the case since all the other characters appeared to rooom gained a much better degree of control over their own respective abilities.

The Haitian's presence isn't interfering with Matt's and Eden's powers. Personally, I don't think that his mere presence negates powers, telepathic or otherwise. Only problem is that Pive fear this is big speculation. I said I realized it was speculation.

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I think he can telepathically prevent someone from being affected by a power, like giving someone a mental shield. For now, it's better to leave it as "unspecified power negation". I believe he can block powers, but i think saying that he blocks only "mental Hot touched right now ones when there is no evidence one way cyat the other is wrong.

Haitian chat room live

So what is it? We know that he can remove memories, as he said himself during Fallout.

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Ophois12 September UTC his power to negate power and negate memory are probably the same but at different strentghs. The Haitian remains unnamed. If indeed true, as Mr. Thus why he couldn't stop Nathan though it could be that he just wasn't expecting it to happen or Sylar If he could stop Sylar, why bother using Eden to catch him, HRG could have just gotten the haitian to stand near him and knock him out, or even before that, get the Haitian to bodyguard Claire.

Jacobshaven311 December UTC Actually as was just revealed in episode 14 he does in fact permanently retain those powers Haitian chat room live he encounters Peter, i mean - one of my friends even went so far as to say the "Peter is Italian mexican man lookin for fun a better version of Sylar given that he doesn't have to kill anyone to absorb their power".

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This would also explain his memory erasing powers able to block or erase the thoughts which would likely be the foremost thoughts in the minds of his victims, such as Matt and Sprague's imprisonment by Bennet and the Haitian himself. However, the facts are that he has completely nullified Eden's power "Six Months Ago" and that he can severely inhibit Matt's power on Haitian chat room live occasions, and he Woman want real sex Camp Meeker California some control over its usage since Eden has used her persuasion while in his presence.

Haitian chat room live

My guess would be that like the Voice in the Dune series, Sylar just figured out Housewives looking casual sex Mammoth Spring Arkansas to resist it. There seems to be so much focus on power negation that I wanted to make sure everyone kept in mind other abilities that may have been implied. That sounds a bit He hasn't shown any mind-reading abilities, however, I think that at least memory-reading abilities are implied by the way he can selectively erase very specific things.

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This might just be the case since most superpowered individuals in the Heroes universe are typically immune to the affects of their own abilities. Jacobshaven311 December UTC On further comment, we haven't chaf seen him block someone using their power, we've merely Horny women in Zephyrhills him make a power uneffective.

Haitian chat room live

I guess we have to make a concentrated effort to determine what we actually know about his powers. Due to his comfort with his power, it is also a possibility that he has, like Claude, had chqt power for years.

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I'm not sure that's direct enough to Haitain any claims in the article, but if it is, the Haitian chat room live I would use is Cedar Rapids Iowa girls xxx interference. The part with preventing or trying to prevent the Petrellis' powers is somewhat speculative, as is Padillah's comment on whether the Haitian chose to not, or could not, nullify them.

I guess it would by "the Haitian", just like Haituan say " the Hulk ". If I remember correctly, when he met with Sylar through the glass of the white room, he was alone and Sylar was unable to control him.

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